How to get the most from your photo/video session

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I've prepared some tips for a successful real estate photo shoot. I recommend that the agent arrive at the property 15 minutes before the scheduled appointment to verify that the home is photo ready.


The small details are what makes the best photography stand apart from the rest! If you have any further questions about preparing the property for the shoot, please contact me.


Interior Tips:


• Turn on all interior lights and replace all non-working bulbs.

• Lower blinds but keep them open.

• If the windows have curtains, open them.

• Vacuum carpets and clean tile/wood floors thoroughly

• Fluff and straighten pillows on sofas and chairs.

• Turn off televisions and ceiling fans.

• Hide all non-essential electrical cords, if possible.

• Be sure all windows and mirrors are clean and streak free.

• Make sure beds are made and are clean.

• Close shower door or curtain.

• Clean off counter tops in bathrooms and kitchen.

• Place a bowl of fruit or fresh flowers on the kitchen table or counter              to add color and style

• Make sure dining room table and chairs are clean and straight.

• Remove any clutter from exterior of refrigerator.

• De-clutter the home by removing cleaning supplies, magazines,      children’s toys, etc.

Exterior Tips:


• Cars need to away from the house or in the garage, doors closed.

• No cars parked in driveway or front of the house.

• Clean and sweep driveways, sidewalks and patios.

• Hide trash cans, lawn and garden tools, etc..

• Mow the yard and remove all lawn debris.

• Disconnect and hide lawn hoses, if possible.

• Remove all flags, hanging ornaments and home security signs.

• Trim bushes, trees and plants to allow a clear view of the property.

• Enhance curb appeal with landscaping and/or flowers.

• Put patio umbrellas up and remove BBQ grill covers.

• Clean swimming pool and put away cleaning equipment.






• Do not hold an “Open House” during your photo shoot.

• Please communicate any special requests prior to your appointment.

• Do not schedule any other workers at the same time of your shoot.

• Arrive early for your appointment to make sure the home is in order.


By taking these steps it will go a long way to ensure the best possible images and appeal of the property to potential buyers.

Tips for preparing a home for the best photography

What to expect from aerial imaging - how to prepare

Successful aerial videography is relatively a new and growing field.

There have been recent restrictions on this by the FAA and anyone using a drone or UAV must be in compliance with the guidelines, have the equipment registered AND be a licensed FAA operator.


Aerial imaging is highly weather oriented, meaning its subject to many weather conditions such as rain, high wind, snow, and daylight hours.

Conditions must be right for both the best images and safety concerns.


Additionally there are restrictions such as vicinity to an airport, altitude limits, amount of people below the flight path, restricted areas and more.


This means there are a limited number of opportunities for imaging, and reserving time slots tend to fill quickly and be booked for weeks. It is best to plan and reserve your imaging early, and include a rain date.



Property Preparataion


• Be sure property is landscaped, lawns mowed, and any items not belonging in the yard or intended to be on video are put away. (Remember aerial video sees almost everything).


• Any vehicles should be parked away from the house, or in the garage if possible.


• Don't schedule any open house or work to be done during this time.

and limit the people on the property to a minimum.


• Make sure you schedule the imaging during best (peak) hours - for example late morning and early afternoon. Only schedule early moring or late afternoon, if you specifically want that lighting effect.

Location Prep.


Once I have the address of the property I can review it for any possible restrictions that may exist. For example, some are being within a certain distance of a working airport, on or near a 'no fly zone' or any other physical characteristic that may need to be addressed.


The majority of properties pose no problems.


Once that is determined, a flight plan is recorded and the imaging will go as scheduled. Typical flights last 10-15 minutes, and if necessary a second flight will be made at that time to get the necessary imaging.


There are several scenes that are popular and used often:


ENTRANCE scene - video of home from the air, filming as the drone

approaches the home, up to the front door.


360 PAN - video of the home from the air, camera pans outward to the distance and makes a full circle of the land surrounding the property.


PROPERTY - video of the home and the surrounding property from directly above.


You can request any of these scenes or one of your own.


Typical videos once edited average 1-2 minutes - remember long, excessive video will lose the interest of the audience.


Contact me with any questions, ideas or concerns. I would be pleased to discuss them with you!


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