Custom Floorplans

Lets potential buyers see the actual layout of a home

•  Custom drawn - NOT from a standard app!

•  "Illustrative" style - attractive to look at, easily read

•  Rooms shown in color with approx sizes

•  Easily see the home layout in one view

Floorplans are custom measured and drawn, please allow 4-5 working days for floorplans.

Interactive floor-plan

Interactive floorplans combine a colorful illustrative style floorplan with hot-spots, that when hovered over will display a photo of that room or area and a brief description.


Choose from interactive plans (left) or traditional floorplans - shown below.


Interactive Floorplan Prices...



Under 2500 sq ft =  $195.

Over 2500 sq ft = $295. +


Standard: (as below)

Under 2500 sq ft =  $150.

Over 2500 sq ft = $250. +


We are only producing floorplanss that have architeectural drawings available at this time

When red dot is

clicked, a photo

opens with a

description !

Sample basic floor-plan

Sample of two-story floor-plan

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